Free forum hosting: do you know phpBB?

PhpBB is a forum software developed in PHP and based on a database. Developed by members of different backgrounds in their spare time, it is available free of charge to all in the conditions defined by the GNU / GPL. For normal users, the only requirement is that the reference made copyright at the bottom of each page.

You can also find this forum software on different platforms, such as a free forum hosting.

phpBB example forum

phpBB is user-friendly, which counts most in a retired-expat community. People are used to it, can handle it easily. Apart from that, there are upgrades available which include more features by the time. phpBB3 for example seems to have just about all features. phpBB2 can be upgraded to it. Members can get used to it slowly, no need to use all new features. It will not be completely different software.

It's also one of the main advantages that you could find on a free forum hosting.

New forums have the problem of attracting new members, if they use software not common to their target group. Building up your forum first with quality content does not depend upon the features but more upon people being familiar with the software. Free forum hosting is also a good alternative, as it's easy to install and to use.

Principal features:

Like all the latest software forum, phpBB shares with them a number of basic functions become (most options can be found on a Free forum hosting):

What about trying it out on a Free forum hosting?

If you haven't got much time, and wish to see what phpBB can offer, the best would be to choose a Free forum hosting.

Forumotion has implemented the brand new phpBB version: phpBB3.

An example below:

phpBB3 prosilver skin

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